Saturday, February 14, 2009

Unbelievable! Unconscionable!

Thanks to Barbara Baty.

Talk about corrupt! [This banking crisis] is the epitome! These guys should be charged with treason and looting the treasury and treasonous, treacherous acts against American citizens, and economic terrorism! (I just made that up; but [I] think it's now time for that category to be included on the high crimes list)

These Merrill execs gave themselves $3.6 BILLION in bonuses on the eve of reporting a more than $15 billion fourth-quarter loss. Bank of America was complicit in the move to award bonuses before Merrill's fourth-quarter loss was announced; and both could face charges of securities fraud. (Wanna bet?) Four executives at Merrill alone received bonuses totaling $121 million. Nearly 700 employees received a bonus of at least $1 million (as they posted record losses and massive business failure!) Sick!

Read the whole thing if you are interested.

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