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Genesis Mysteries

The story of Genesis is often called the "Fall from grace." But no Soul can ever "fall" from the state of grace, granted by the irresistible and invincible Love of God; but while nothing can change the state of grace, Souls can "fall" from the realization of grace. When this happens, a Soul comes to see itself as only an animal or a mechanism, rather than as the spiritual and immaterial daughter or son of God (Love).

Genesis was written as an allegory before the rest of the Jewish Bible (Hebrew Scriptures) were compiled. This pre-Hebraic document is traced back to the "people of the stars," or "people of the sky," in other words, the gods (extraterrestrials?).

Like the Book of Revelation, with which it is symmetric, it is the story of an individual Soul. Like Revelation, Genesis is written in symbols. (In fact, some are the very same used in Revelation. Fmi, please see The Apocalypse of Love: Mystical Symbolism in Revelation. Genesis speaks of the Soul's coming into a world of ignorance. The "fall" revealed is also a part of the divine will; for without it, Souls would not have an opportunity to learn from the "school of earth."

Genesis refers to many allegorical symbols, such as trees, serpent, fruit, and also makes use of one of the most ancient and universal symbols of God and truth (reality). That is light. A later mystic would write, "God is Light, and there is no darkness at all in Him." (1 Jn. 1:5)
So, when God says, in Genesis, "Let there be light," it is a symbol of the world coming into conscious awareness. For "light" is an ancient and almost universal symbol of conscious awareness-- and here, things move from the Creator/Unconscious into the conscious (aware) mind. This is what the creation of "light" means in the ancient allegory.

All awareness is from the One, or the Mind. It all comes from the single Mind of which we are all a part, the "Mind of God" or "Godmind." We know that all "light" (awareness) arises from the One, for there is no other possible source.

Genesis is the story of the activities of the Elohim. This Hebrew word was deliberately mistranslated "God" in English translations (such as the King James Version of 1611), but the actual meaning of the word is "gods"-- plural, not singular. The authors believed in a plethora of Godexpressions, each symbolically a "god" or "goddess." So, Genesis 1:1 is usually mistranslated as, "In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth." Its more accurate translation is, "In the beginning, the gods created the heavens and the earth." God enjoys a pantheon of expressions, as recognized by the ancient Egyptians, Indians, Greeks, Romans, and others.

God and the "word" (the Greek logos) are identical. The Word is indivisible from God Itself/Herself/Himself. For the "Word" is the divine expression; it is the cosmos as the spontaneous dream of the One, of the Mind (Tao). We need not think in limited human terms, asking which came first, God or God's expression. Since "the Word was God" (Jn. 1:1), we can see the wisdom of the simultaneity of their rising; they are identical. Neither has a "beginning," but have existed always.

The "Word" can exist through the human mind, but it is not in any way dependent upon human minds to exist; it exists quite apart, and independent, from human minds.

Modern evolutionary theory has absolutely nothing to do with the primitive, often backwards, speculations of Darwin; today, his seminal work, On the Origin of Species, is regarded as only a "seed." It is woefully incomplete, primitive, and backwards. Only fundies think that "Darwin" is synonymous with "evolution." He has been hopelessly outdated for over a century. His ideas were not particularly brilliant, and not a one was original. He just appeared at the "right time" in history, to refute the strict and maniacally backwards Victorian Church.

For, in his time (this work was published in 1859), the science of genetics-- the key to everything in evolution-- did not even exist. Human beings share 97.4% of their dna with chimps. We can easily speak of the parts of a simian form (legs, eyes, ears, fingers, even nails) because they are, for all anatomical purposes, almost identical with our own.
If the earth was the "biolab" of the elohim, and if they were very advanced extraterrestrials, it only makes sense that they would use the template of organisms that already existed, instead of creating anew ("from scratch") each new species. There exist huge gaps in the fossil record; it by no means demonstrates the clear evolutionary flow that is the fantasy of some "true believers" (for whom "evolutionism" is a religion). Instead, there appear "quantum leaps" in the paleontological record. Were these times when the elohim returned to check on the
progress of their biolab, and when they introduced small but significant changes in the dna?

Adam and Eve are symbols of the two orientations of the Soul-- the logical, linear, sense-based "male" aspect and the intuitionbased, right-brained, deeper and more spiritual (loving) part-- the "female." All of us are, biologically, both male and female. We express one sex or the other due to hormonal factors present in the body before birth.
Interestingly, in the allegory of Genesis, God gives to Adam and Eve "all green plants" to sustain them. God does not teach them to hunt, or to abuse other life-forms; instead, they live in perfect peace and total harmony with all other creatures. It is not until the expulsion from Eden (which means "pleasure") that people begin to murder other life-forms in bloody violence. The very structure of the human body still reveals, with some clarity, that it has the anatomy and physiology of a vegetarian-- from the acidity and chemical structure of saliva and
stomach acid to the structure of the teeth, and the length of the digestive tract. Biology has created us in a clearly vegetarian pattern; we compare very favorably with other vegetarian forms-- some of the strongest creatures on earth, and we are very unlike the carnivores such as cats.

Obviously, no human being actually "saw" the creation. So, the story was not that of an eye-witness, but one of revelation from a higher (deeper) Mind. And that Mind was the Source of all life and matter; it was and is omniscient, knowing everything about everything. A "material" cosmos was never created at some time in the past; instead, it is being created (dreamed into being) every second of time. It is being dreamed into being at this precise second. The writers of Genesis received the account from the elohim themselves, whether in a dreamstate or some other altered state of consciousness.

Much, much more could be said about any or all of these very profound inquiries. But that will have to await another time. Hope that this helps. Btw, there is nothing "special" or "supernatural" about the Hebrew Scriptures; they were thirty-nine small books written by biased, often bigoted, and ignorant human beings. They were not "channeled" or produced during dreamstates.

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