Sunday, February 08, 2009

Movie Review: "Ghostown"

This moving and touching movie, made in twenty-oh-eight, is the story of a misanthropic dentist named "Pincus," who hates almost everybody-- at least, in the beginning. But about three-quarters of the way through, he follows the advice of a fellow dentist who is Hindu, and takes a second look at his life. By then, he is already falling in Love, and so, this is the story of a miserable man who discovers the Power of, and turns to, Love to find meaning and joy in life.
The story is unique because Pincus has the ability to see souls who have departed this life, but still have strong glue-like connections with this world. Only after Pincus helps them "tie up loose ends" are they surrounded by a golden Light,, and move on to final liberation from all earthly concerns. In short, this film is highly recommended, and contains the seeds of some great truths.

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