Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Two e-magazines

No, we no longer do the radioshow, and, at times, it is really missed with passion! But we are writing these days virtually nonstop, with over twenty books published, and seven more "waiting in the wings," for selfpublication can get very expensive, and we never charge for any of our spiritual work-- teaching, advising, lectures, seminars, working with clients, students, and friends. We are supported entirely by voluntary Love-donations. The great Tao has provided up until now, and will continue to make our work possible as long as it is needed; and, right at the moment, our poor little planet is "starving" for good spirituality, although we have loads of religion!:) Btw, we have two ezines: One is the uld ("Universal Love Digest"), and it comes out about two or three times a week; each issue contains from one to five articles, each of which is from one to five paragraphs; it's a quick read. Then, we have Lovelight magazine, of about twenty pages. It comes out once a month, and contains personal philosophy, humor, practical tips, and wordplay.

Both are free; if you would like one or both, just please let me know.:)

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