Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Ministries and Greed; Sincere thanks

We truly want to thank you not only for your gracious and grace-filled generosity, but for your patience. For you and a few others have been tenacity in action re the need for Love Ministries to "take care of business" re finances. This is an area which, quite frankly, is the most troubling to me, for I have seen ministries go very wrong here, trying to turn spirituality into a "market commodity," like beans. And I must make absolutely sure that Love Ministries has "clean hands" relative to this spiritual "crime."

We never will permit the Ministries to become involved in "money-grubbing." As you know, we prefer to err on the side of caution here, and so, have not, in the past, given sufficient attention to this real aspect of the Ministries. Your awareness has compensated for our lack, counterbalancing our ultracautious approach with a realistic awareness of material needs.

Still, we are determined never to become careless in this matter; so, we will stay alert and, when necessary, hypervigilant, so as never to allow greed to contaminate our work or our words. But please let us take this moment to thank you sincerely and personally for your endurance and tenacity in dealing with what can be a rather thick-skulled approach.:):)
We do very much appreciate your kindness as well as your responsiveness
to our needs. Color us grateful.:)

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