Saturday, February 21, 2009


I am a practicing Taoist, and I teach much Taoism, although not exclusively.(For we also study, at the Pneumarium, gnosticism, kabbalism, sufism, Buddhism, Hinduism, nature-faiths, etc.)

But the "purest" Taoism cannot be recommended. For in its purest form, Taoism recommends that one never interfere with the Flow of events as they are. But Love-Taoism is a little different, although it recommends the same great "faith" as regular Taoism.

Love-Taoism teaches that we should cooperate with the Flow of events as we find them, except when Love tells us to do otherwise. For example, the purest Taoist might sit by while her alcoholic friend ordered a whiskey. But the Love-Taoist could not remain unmoved or inactive.

Sometimes, Love orders (or commands) us to do something! And now! A Love-Taoist is committed to obeying or following the interior direction of the deep Lovemind at the Cennter of all minds, in the Core of the collective Unconscious.

Thus, a Love-Taoist is not as strictly limited to wu-wei, or non-interference, as is the purist Taoist. For the same reasons, Love often moves us to social actions as well as more personal actions of Love-service.

I have also taught, "Never give any advice unless it is requested." But this "request" for advice need not be a literal or verbal request. It can be a simple question, directed at an entire group of friends, or a generic call for aid or assistance.

At any rate, you must be aware of several factors: 1) It is never my intention to discourage you. 2) I never recommend following fear. 3) Any decision that you make you will make as a full adult, and it will be yours alone, as it should be.

As your friend, my only motive is for you to make all important decisions with crystal-clarity, and having taken the time to consider all the relevant factors involved. Sometimes, spontaneous, impulsive decisions turn out to be right, spot on; at other times, they do not.

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