Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Uniting with the Interior Lovespirit


Having wrestled with a fairly serious bout of depression as part of my psychospiritual training (several years ago), I now spend most of the time in "pervasive meditation." This is different from the various forms of "structured" meditation, for you carry your mantra wherever you go, and you "run" it at any time during the day when you have a spare five seconds, two minutes, ten minutes, or whatever. This tends, with practice, to quiet the conscious mind, which, as you know, can be quite boisterous, noisy, all-consuming, and negative. This practice creates an "empty space" in your heartmind, into which the Holy Spirit of Love is invited. And if invited, It will invariably, dependably come into the heart; then God (Love) will begin to think, act, and speak through your human form on earth. There is no greater pleasure or delight.

In the ancient gnostic Christian classic called the Gospel of Phillip, it says that those who were converted to early Christianity became not only "Christians," but "Christs." And while it might, and perhaps should, sound bizarre to our ears to hear about "Kevin Christ" or "Jessica Christ," this is the highest goal to which any person can ever aspire, both here and in the afterlife Homeworld.

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