Saturday, May 03, 2008

No Fame, Thank You


After having read Jesus' warning in Matthew 6:1, where he plainly declared that the one who receives "earthly reward" (clearly talking about fame) would receive no "reward from the Father"-- the afterlife reward of good karma, there is zero interest in obtaining any personal fame. Of course, this is just the opposite of almost every spiritual teacher; they often seem desperate to get their names in the headlines.
They long for fame, lust after it. But this passion is backwards and upside-down. Becoming wellknown is, according to the Christ, the worst possible outcome for a spiritual person! I prefer to follow Jesus rather than those selfstyled "gurus" and "teachers," the "reverends" and "fathers" who are receiving their reward in full, right now, on earth.
This is similar to trading in gold for lumps of mud.:)

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