Sunday, May 18, 2008

"Pervasive Meditation"


The method that I would recommend to give Michael [pseudonym] a "clean mental slate" is called "pervasive meditation." You start by choosing a four-syllable phrase that is healthy and healing, such as, "I am at peace," or, "God is Love and..."

Then, using this as a "trm," or "thought-replacement mechanism," you begin to turn it over and over in your mind. This we call "running your trm." All during the day, instead of "wasting" timenergy in unproductive or harmful thoughts, you "run your trm." This you do if you have only five or ten seconds, a couple of minutes, or ten minutes or longer.

This is a thought-eraser that tends to clear out all the clutter and "garbage," as well as irrational thought. It arises from the logical principle that, If thinking is the problem, you cannot think your way out of the problem.

This practice creates a "clear interior space" in the mind. You pray for the Spirit of mental wellness and healing Love to fill this part of the mind. Sufis liken this to cleaning a room for a Guest.:)

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