Saturday, May 03, 2008

The Joy of Death


It is not for nothing that there is a very popular and common saying, "The good die young." In so many ways, it is a great blessing to leave this world fairly early, instead of agonizingly dying a few cells at a time, from "old age." In many ways, that is the easier way out!

The bottom line is, We all have to get out of here! No one lives on earth; we are all "jvtp"-- just visiting this planet."! And, in the vast and immense universe, earth is considerably smaller than a molecule!

Early Christians were believed "nuts" because they welcomed death, with genuine smiles and open arms! This was so very alien to their culture, as it is to ours! But if we keep in mind the deeper, spiritual meaning and results of "death," we can see that those who leave earth behind are losing nothing, and gaining everything!

Jesus came to prove that death was a survivable experience!

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