Friday, May 30, 2008

Guidance without Interferenceht


It is the calling of any person whom the interior Spirit of Love calls to teach to share some unobtrusive guidance with her friends. But she must do so in a Way in harmony with the great Tao, or Spirit. Not only that, but it is one of the greatest pleasures on earth!:)

But a good teacher never sees, or presents, herself as "above" anyone else. She honestly sees all people as both "teachers" and "students." So, she too is a disciple of Love and a student of life, learning new things each and every day.

So, the true teacher never highlights or draws attention to her ego. She does not love to see, or to support, the exhibition of her ego-face, for example, in brochures or on books. She might, if sincere, choose not even to use her egoname in public. At any rate, she will never be the egocentric type so commonly found among so many so-called "spiritual" or "metaphysical teachers." In short, she will do everything possible to remain in the background, and to keep her egoname from public display.
For the sage, says the masterteacher Lao Tzu, "does not practice selfdisplay." Jesus also warned against this real spiritual danger-- spiritual pride. (Mt. 6:1)

The genuine teacher is selfeffacing and even selfabnegating. She always practices gentleness to the point of being non-invasive and non-intrusive.

She always follows this principle:
It is never the job of one adult to tell another adult what to do, or what not to do.

So, the genuine spiritual teacher will never see, or present, herself as anyone's "mommy" or "daddy." For she knows that all spiritual adults must grow to become their own "internal parents," and recognize only the cosmic Mind as both "Father" and "Mother." This is why Jesus said, "Call no one on earth 'father.'..." This means not only not to call other adults "father," but also, to act as if none were your "father." For when grown-up, people do not need guiding "parents."

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