Monday, October 08, 2007

The Evil Clown


If Dr. Frank Burns, the notorious dysfunctional doc of M*A*S*H*, combined personalities with Alfred E. Newman, of Mad magazine fame, the result would be hilarious! It would be a clown of immense, hysterical proportions! But this kind of caricature, guiding the world's most powerful and destructive army, is not funny!

As a caricature of incompetence, george bush has transformed the world's most beautiful experiment in democracy into a hideous nightmare bristling with murder, torture, and ghastly weapons, including nuclear. America, the hope of the world, has become the horror of the world. This transformation occurred because the world's greatest, and only, superpower offensively and violently attacked a third-world country whose "soldiers" are often twelve-year-old boys!

And why? Bush tried to lie, and say that it was all about terrorism. But the entire world saw through this transparent tissue of lies. Everyone now knows that the war was always about oil-- getting an ocean of free oil because the U.S. "owned" the land under which it lay.

This naive and simplistic notion had bush and billionaire-buddies laughing and lapping up all the free oil that they wanted, and then, selling it for huge profits. But this occurred only in twisted imaginations. Their great, greedy dream never materialized.

Also, another real reason for this despicable war is that bush's father had a price on his head, threatened by Saddam due to the previous war. To accomplish their dark, evil task, bush and buddies were willing to sell out the environment. And they did, ignoring sound ecological laws that went back decades, and even reversing them, giving us all a blacker and bleaker world.

Today, it is not as easy to breathe in the U.S. as it was in twenty hundred. And Americans are suffering from bronchitis, emphysema, and asthma in record numbers-- a bonanza for bush's buddies in the pharmacology industry! For bush's pocketbook, ecological Armageddon is a win-win!

For this incompetent and sociopathic man suffers from the belief that he is Caesar or Napoleon, when in actuality, a village in Texas is missing its resident idiot! This one regime has done more damage than any of America's enemies. His war has been solely and singly responsible for the death of over three thousand American girls and boys, and for an estimated over one million Middle Eastern men, women, and children. Many young Americans have died, and will never again give anything to their country-- or to their horrified husbands, wives, or kids, still, and permanently, shell-shocked!

His "Shock and Awe" campaign, which rained down fire and terror from the skies, had the surrealistic feeling of a video-game being played by a madman. One has the compelling intuition that these dead and ruined Americans are just numbers in the "score-card" of bush's calculating, frigid mind. He refused even to attend the sad funerals of most.

Bush seems personally untouched by the death of thousands, or by the ruination of tens of thousands of irreversibly ruined American lives. (These were survivors who lost eyes, brains, arms, and legs.)

It is time that, as a people, we worked to restore America as a shining land of peace-- not the world's greatest terrorist organization or bloodiest "empire." It is time that we called murderous greed to task, recognizing that unleashed greed has terrible --often, irreversible-- consequences. It has already irrevocably ruined lives; and it threatens to ruin our planet.


Anonymous said...

I love your blog..hopefully you will get your website up and running again soon...because i would like to order a book.(i am currently reading: "Love is God, The Jehovah Myth, The Mystic God, and The Mystery of Suffering".

Okay, as to the blog: this did not start with Bush. All the american presidents within my lifetime have been war criminals..this started way back when the federal government was hijacked by big business starting in the mid 1800s.
read Smedley Butler's "War is a Racket"..

The hijacking culminated when the Federal Reserve Bank was installed, and the organic common law constitution began to be replaced by Universal Commercial Code...statute law.

IF you take an unbiased look at history, the US government has been one of the largest progenitors of evil, terror and bloodshed in the last one hundred years..all over the globe.

The US government have murdered heads of state, armed uprisings to overthrow democratically elected heads of state that are threats to their business interests, and have sent death squads committing terroristic acts all over the globe...this doesn't include special ops where CIA or Brit intelligence pose as arabs and blow up buildings...(happened in falluja)

America has never been a shining land of peace simply because the political machinery is run by smiling has ALWAYS been this way...the least fit, the least able, the least wise always in positions of power...that is The Way of the World.

Bush is simply more blatant than previous presidents.

When Satan was showing Jesus all the kingdoms of the world...Jesus did not dispute that Satan owned them all..He did not say yes, all but the United we both know this is probably allegorical. Satan is usually the ego, but there are also evil dis-carnate spirits and lost souls in this world which could be satans i suppose.(spirit is different from soul)

ALL governments througout time are satanic..they are in fact institutionalized ego...everything any government touches turns to evil..,.ALWAYS...this never fails.

Look at the history of government over the last 6000 years of written history.

IF most governments were incarnated people, they would be locked up for being criminally insane.

This is the way it has always been.Don't store up your treasures on earth where the moths can eat them and rust can destroy them..
You know what real treasure is and you will not find it in this world.

Bighugs, and Blessings to you

Red Clown Fred said...

I wish you both off to the French corn fields...With a one-way ticket you American-hating, commie bastards! You don't deserve the freedoms you DO have!