Monday, October 29, 2007

A Spiritual View of Death


The spiritual being is not morbidly or chronically obsessed with death. She does not yearn or long for it. She does not fantasize about it. Nor is she always speaking or thinking of it. But, realistically, neither can it be ignored, nor can anyone successfully flee from it. And she does accept it as a natural part of every life-cycle. It is as natural as the sun-kissed dew upon the dawn rose.

Some are so terrified of death that they lie to themselves. They claim that their physical bodies will never die! Others are fanatics of nutrition and exercise, seeking to prolong biological life. These people are living in sheerest fantasy, rejected by the spiritually enlightened. Instead, she seeks to cultivate an accepting view of death. Although it is clearly an apparent "enemy" to biological creatures, it can be a "friend" to spiritual beings. For it leads to a life, or "afterlife," of beautiful and wonderful freedom, a life without pain, suffering, agony, or frustration.

Birth has always been a guarantee of death. Every creature ever born has died. So, death is not some "unnatural" or "astonishing" tragedy. It is an aspect of natural life, its final "crown" or glory. Those who have actually died have, for the first time in human history, been resuscitated by the thousands by biotechnology. They tell a surprisingly beautiful story of death as a survivable experience.

And those who remember anything at all tell essentially the same story: And all agree that, amazingly and contrary to philosophy and expectations of so many, the mind (consciousness or awareness) does survive after the physical death of the body.

However, spiritual beings are compassionate. We do not laugh at funerals, but cry with those who cry-- for their sakes. We are also partly biological, and we too feel the enormous, immense, vast sense of pain and loss (to our world) when any beautiful living creature leaves our world.

But the accounts of survival, brought back by those who have actually died, are just another verification of what spiritual people have taught for centuries, from Jesus to the Buddha.

So, the spiritually wise seek to embrace death in their "all-embracing" mind. They erase all fear of death, and hatred of death. In embracing God as the "all good," without negativity, they seek to expand even their Love, a gift of God's grace, to encircle even death. In this "Love of death," they can lead more peaceful and trusting lives. Jesus tells his followers to live as the birds, flowers, and nursing infants-- none of whom ever worry about, or fear, personal death.

Spiritually, as Jesus demonstrated, death is the release from this current highly imperfect, often terribly painful, life. With it, the mind soars into immeasurable freedom-- free from worry, anxiety, tension, guilt, fear, and the many assorted agonies caused by biological bodies. That deep subconscious aspect of the Mind that lived before this life, and that survives afterward, is called the "Soul," "Soul-level," or "Soulmind." Non-biological, It lives in a world of pure Mind-- of much greater beauty, balance, tranquility, bliss, and ecstasy. When we leave this world, our real life has just only begun!

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