Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Elaboration on Face-reading


Several people have shown a great interest in the Chinese art of face-reading since it was discussed in the uld. To elaborate and clarify: A cleft in the chin includes any kind of indentation, from slight to a "hole." (The more pronounced, the stronger the quality.)

A cleft in the chin does not imply that a person is evil or dishonest. The Chinese say, instead, that it might imply a lack of tenacity in the formation of a reliable, dependable lifedesign. A person with a cleft can make a wonderful and beautiful friend, but might not have the tenacity for the "long haul."

A person should never be judged, or pre-judged (the root of "prejudice") on the basis of physiognomy alone. If she is to be evaluated, it must be on the basis of the totality of her past actions.

The Chinese philosophers held that a person's karma often expressed itself in the face. This is very similar to the palmists' suggestion that the palms of the hand contain a "road-map" to a life even before that life is lived.

Earth is an unpredictable, sometimes scary, place. Due to this, spiritual people welcome all the data that can be obtained about, and from, others. They might use palmistry, astropsychology, and face-reading, for example, to help them better adapt to people in their environment.

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