Thursday, October 11, 2007

Love (God) Calls to Love


Religion has taught people, for so many centuries, that "understanding the Bible" is what spirituality is all about. But, in history, people who were "experts" at understanding and explaining the Bible have been pedophiles, thieves, liars, political manipulators, warriors, rapists, and murderers (such as those who murdered Jesus).

So, "understanding the Bible," or particular teachings, is not what true "Christianity" is all about.

No, instead, Christianity is about living with as much Love as possible. Jesus himself said that his true followers would be marked (identified) by only Love. (Jn. 13:34,35). Jesus was not an expert on the Bible; for our modern Bible did not even exist during his lifetime.

No, pleasing God is not about understanding everything, or even understanding many ideas, concepts, teachings, or doctrines. It is all about Love.

A very simple man (let us use the parable of a mentally arrested person) who truly showed kindness and gentleness to all, who did the very best that he knew how, but never picked up a Bible, would fare better at Judgment than A Bible-expert who was a "walking encyclopedia," but who did not "have time" for others.

God does not care if we learn much about dogmas and teachings. People are always arguing over the Bible precisely because it is not clear in these matters. If God really cared about intellectual teachings, he would have written a ten-volume encyclopedia, explaining everything.

God uses the earth, not a church, as our "school." The church should energize us to remember the holiness of Love, and it should encourage the activities of Love.

Every act of Love is an act of worship.

And there is no "small" act of Love.

All involve God, Who is Love.

God could not care less about our intellect or our beliefs. He cares about only our Love, and Jesus always encourages Love-- mostly, through non-judgment (never saying that any Soul has no good), and endless forgiveness.

To please God, you do not have to belong to the "right" church. Jesus and the apostles did not belong to any of the modern churches-- neither Catholic nor Protestant. They did not exist in those days. So, we must do what Jesus did-- according to our limited ability. We cannot cure the sick, but we can perform acts of loving-kindness everywhere that we go. Sometimes, a simple smile can change a whole day; sometimes, you can help by doing errands; sometimes, you can listen on the phone; sometimes, you can write emails or snailmails. A kind word can help a person through a tough day.

Every action of Love is an act of service to God.

The only Way to "love God" is to love human beings and other creatures.

God wants us to love ourselves and to help (aid, assist, give to) each other. Our world needs a billion acts of Love every day. It is better to lay a single brick than to dream of a thousand palaces. An act of Love is worth a thousand sermons. So, do something "small," some small acts of kindness, every day. For kindness is Love; kindness is true religion. Forget about all the complicated ideas of religion. They can be interesting, but, when they become a burden, drop them and lay them down. But never stop loving!

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