Monday, October 08, 2007

Energy- and Face-reading


You can indeed learn the "feel" of negative energy; and, in time, you can cultivate this perception into an "early warning system" that is fairly accurate. (Perhaps no intuition is one hundred percent, but many are reliable. Some women, for example, famously saved themselves from mass-murderers because these guys just did not "feel right" to these fortunate ladies.) So, although we do not need to be dogmatic about the "rightness" of our intuitions, we can generally trust them, as they rise from a deeper level of mind.

The Chinese and native American wisdom agree that you can tell things about a person by reading her eyes, famously the "windows to the Soul." Native Americans say never to trust a person with "dead eyes."

And the Chinese have developed an entire system of "face-reading," called "physiognomy." One little tidbit that has proved true repeatedly in our experience: They say that you can never really trust a person with that little "butt" in the chin.:)

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