Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Freelance Spirituality (Independence)


You have made the smart and reasonable move, in avoiding entanglement in the cult called the "School of Metaphysics." Your Soul is very glad that you "missed a bullet."

Yes, it does seem that gurus are always trying to take sexual advantage of students. This is both deplorable and despicable, but it is also very powerfully human. So, our best bet is genuinely to forgive them, pray for them, and move on with our lives.

As you know so well, the path of the spiritual free-lancer is followed here. There is no "belonging" to any group, organized religion, cult, or denomination. It is attempted to be a Christian, but not only a "Christian." And this is not the historical, or orthodox, Christian, but a gnostic Christian. The path is that of the "Jesus-Christian."

There are still goodness and integrity in our world, my friend. If you look around, you can find them. But be careful to expect people-- even the best-- to be spiritual only, and not perfect. For all human beings are imperfect, rather poorly constructed by a very complex karma. But the truly "good" ones are those who are doing their honest best; no one can do more, and we dare not demand more!

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