Monday, October 15, 2007

Always Double-check!


If you looked up the word Elohim, I congratulate you. It is always good and wise to double-check our sources. It is always possible that I can be in error.

But in this case, I am not wrong. The Hebrew word elohim is definitely a plural word. It does NOT mean "God," even though much tradition, based on the King James Version, supports this falsehood. The word definitely means "gods."

What was the name of the reference-work in which you looked the word up? For fundy churches have produced an entire library of false "reference" works that are unreliable, and it is possible that you used one of these.

Always remember this very valuable principle: Just because a statement appears in a book, that alone does not guarantee that it is correct. In the history of religion, especially, tens of thousands of falsehoods and errors have appeared in print, in books. Still, you are very wise to question everything that I say, and also, that everyone else says.

Thanks for staying "on your guard," and double-checking on this. This is precisely what a good student should do!

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