Monday, October 08, 2007

Safire and St. Francis


I know that your world has been rocked by all the changes. If I may assist in any way,it is perhaps by pointing out and highlighting the Changeless and Immutable within you. This Lovemind has infinite opportunities to love, and just because a person removes himself temporarily from the Love-process does not have any effect on this great, immense, vast Lovemind.

It sounds as if you are in the full swing of psychospiritual recovery! That is excellent!:) Keep up the fine work!

Love keeps you as liberated as you can possibly be.:) Real Love never binds, but shatters the shackles and breaks the chains!

My friend Safire the llama has left our planet today. He left in utter tranquility and deep peace. This was an especially auspicious day to exit; did you know that October 5 is the Day of Brother St. Francis? (It was on this day, in 1988, that we legally changed our surname to "Francis," in honor of the beautiful man. But we found out only later that it was the special Day of the critterlover.)

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