Thursday, October 18, 2007

Ministry and Bucks


It is an obscenity with what facility greed can manifest even among
"spiritual" pursuits. Many "ministries," and "teachers," are "in the
biz" of spirituality for the sake of greed and fame.

These are invalid reasons, and no one should ever present herself as a
loving, selfless being who has a "service" or "ministry" whose true goal
is money. Spirituality is holy, and is not a mere "commodity," to be
sold like beans or oranges.

Spirituality is priceless. No price can ever be set on a good teaching.
The truly great masters of history, Jesus and the Buddha, never charged,
in any historical record, for any of their sermons.

This does not imply that a modern spiritual teacher cannot receive
Love-donations. But it does imply that any attempt to put a price on, or
to sell, spiritual wisdom is immoral. Spiritual teachers, if they are
the real thing, must and should always be willing to give freely of their
time and energy. Time is a gift from the cosmos, and to try to "profit"
on selling time is a simple absurdity. So-called "spiritual teachers"
who charge for their time are trying to rip off people-- often, those in
most need.

Some "spiritual teachers" are angry because Love Ministries does not
charge anything for its educational work. All lectures, seminars, and
personal consultations of Love Ministries are always given freely, or for
a Love-donation. Other ministries might not like this, because they feel
"criticized" by this policy. Indeed, some of them are operating out of

But it is not our intent to criticize. It is our intent simply to follow
the best examples possible-- Jesus and the Buddha, and other great
spiritual giants, who did not charge for their spiritual work. We must
follow their lead wherever it takes us, no matter what other "spiritual
teachers" say or do!

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