Sunday, January 22, 2006

Restore the Roadless Rule

Take Action by signing the's petition.

Earthjustice is part of a national coalition of 75 environmental groups committed to saving our last unprotected pristine forests from roadbuilding, most logging, and other harmful development. Nearly 60 million acres of roadless forests hang in the balance.

On May 13, the Bush administration repealed the widely supported Roadless Area Conservation Rule, opening nearly sixty million acres of America's last wild national forests to logging, road construction, mining, oil exploration, and other forms of development.

Hikers, fishermen, hunters, and millions of other Americans considered the 2001 Roadless Rule one of the greatest forest conservation measures in U.S. history. Now, conservation-minded Americans throughout the country are joining together to file an official petition with the Bush administration demanding reinstatement of the original Roadless Rule.

The petition declares that:

* America's last roadless national forests belong to all Americans.

* All of our remaining roadless areas should be protected, completely and permanently, through the reinstatement of the Roadless Area Conservation Rule of 2001.

Please sign your name today! The conservation community wants to collect half a million signatures to present to President Bush and the Department of Agriculture on the fifth anniversary of the signing of the Roadless Rule – January 12, 2006.

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