Sunday, January 08, 2006

Karma, Dreams, and Idealism


"Mercury in pisces" is an astrosign (Mindforce) that forms a gleaming pattina of idealism that covers and tints the worldlenses. This part of the chart describes the "incurable dreamer" within, and this, too, can be positive in its effect. Pisces is a mindforce about which this life is destined to teach very much, and it has been a good teacher! But it is useful only if it does not get out of control, and cause a person to soar into unrealistic dreams. Dreams are a source of real and spiritual power, but if we get lost in them, let them dominate, instead of using them as tools to beautify our worlds, then, they are no longer productive. This is clearly "too much of a good thing," which always becomes a 'bad thing.'

So, even while emphasizing all the positivities within the human nature (and they are very many and powerful), we want to counterbalance this idealism with the realistic recognition that people are capable of, not only ignorance, but deliberate and voluntary evil. In fact, because the Buddha said that all karma arises from intention, it is arguably only these deliberate, voluntary, or even planned activities that create karma. We do not, in other words, have to "pay karmically" for true and genuine mistakes. Mistakes are good; they are gifts, for they are the only way that we can ever grow.

The reason that this is not a "license to evil" is that there can never be any such thing as a "deliberate mistake"! For an intentional action can never be a mistake.

All of us must go through an idealistic period. With exposure to the real world, we soon enough learn to balance this positivity with the real negativity that is in this world. Meanwhile, we need more people to emphasize the positive. With a normal intelligence, the message will and must get through: Embrace and celebrate the good, but know when you are in a "shields up" situation! This is part of the gentle, nonagressive philosophy of "kung fu," which is a Chinese phrase meaning "mastership of life."

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