Monday, January 16, 2006

Radioprogram "High Spirits" Update

Date: 011106wed Dear Friends,

Our loving friends from Dayton, Kathy and Kenny Rice, have just joined the "Friendship Support Program" for the support of our proposed new
radioprogram "High Spirits." So, welcome, Kenny and Kathy, to the Love Education Team! This means that they have pledged five dollars each per week to aid in the buying of airtime for this program.

They now join our list of other friends who have made this same pledge. This now includes the following list, in which additional stars (*)
represent additional pledges:

Ramona Abella
"Maribee" butler
Pat Fields
Chris Finer
Adamaria and Richard Francis
Sandra Grubb
Richard Mattrella
Cinda Miller
Diann Proffitt
Teresa Ramsey
Kenny and Kathy Rice
Karen Shaw
Michael Shapiro
Barbara and Dale Siler
Terry Smith
Ed and Nancy Theuring

This represents twenty-five pledges at $5 each per week. To get the airtime, we need $200 per week. So, the Friendship Support Program
(Network) has provided $125 so far.

We also have two commercial advertisers who have pledged to support the show. Commercials can be provided for $9.95 per week. Rounded off, their pledges total $20.

So, Victor Paruda and Thomas Winlow have pledged $9.95 each.

This brings our new total to:


So, the amount now needed to meet our goal is:


So, please spread the word of this project to other friends. The Revolution in spirituality has begun! And we are determined to be the "voice of the Revolution"! We want to transform religion into spirituality!

Peace, Joy, and Love,

Richard Francis and the Love Education Team
Karleen Sell

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