Monday, January 30, 2006

The Beginning of the End?


Fools and incompetents now have their fingers nervously perched atop the "secret buttons" that will launch nuclear war. Previously, the use of nuclear weapons was reasonably and correctly regarded as unthinkable, for their use was recognized as the "end of the world."

Now, however, that has changed. There is now serious talk of using "tactical nuclear weapons," the so-called "mini-nukes," against Iran. The United States has already proved that, for greed and financial profit, it is willing to kill enormous numbers of innocent people. Now, is it seriously threatening to try to do to Iran what it has done to Iraq? Can the gov really be insane enough to start a nuclear war?

This administration is indeed inexperienced and greedy enough to do the unthinkable! And ineptitude and greed can prove to be a combustible combination! Ours is now a gov almost completely devoid of compassion, and of common sense. It will do absolutely anything to promote its two main interests-- power and money. It no longer has the interests of the American people at heart, if indeed, it ever did. In fact, it is willing to ignore the welfare of all human beings on the planet if that means fulfilling its greed-based agenda.

This is the most dangerous gov in the history of the world, and it threatens nuclear war at the most dangerous time in human history. Something such as the envisioned "limited" nuclear conflict could very easily get out of control! But even if this did not happen, it threatens the agonizing deaths of tens of thousands of innocent human beings. We should all b very concerned about this "oil-grab," for the people threatened with murder are not "strangers," but spiritual "sisters and brothers." Can we really afford complacency and apathy? Not if we are people of compassion.

We must begin by demanding a sane and balanced gov, which we have not had now for over six years. We must demand a return to sanity, and an end to greed as the director of national and international policies. We must return to the noble principles upon which our fine nation was founded: justice for all, liberty, freedom, and peace. These are the principles that guide true patriots!

It really does not matter when economics over-rode morality, goodness, and compassion. The truth is, this is exactly what has happened. The downslide started way back when we blithely exchanged religion for spirituality (Love). The whole world must now pay for that terrible mistake.

But you, my friend, can keep the voice of the people both strong and alive! How? By speaking up for, and demanding, the return to elevated noble guidelines for behavior, and the abandonment of greed. In fact, you can begin to change the world by altering your own life in these ways: Abandon greed, and return to compassion.

The end of civilization as we know it might be closer than we think. We are not alarmists, and we are not worldenders; they are fanatics, and their ideas antihuman. For they actually want to see the "end of the world." No, we are the people of Love; and, because we are, we must speak up now for the principles of Love, compassion, wisdom, justice, and balance. We must work and talk to return spirituality to our lives; and many must give up fanatical and extreme religions to do this. Let us return to a world of communication, a world questing for peace, not preparing for war. Let us demand, of ourselves and of our leaders, a return to sanity, before it is too late.

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