Monday, January 30, 2006

More Dreamsymbols


A trip by boat, in a dream, represents the voyage inward, the Journey to the Center of the soul. The ocean is a symbol of the infinite Mind, the One, the Illimitable. This is deep within the Unconscious.

A "storm" always implies a stirring up, sometimes violently, of old thoughts and memories. At times, interior conflict might be involved.

You write, "I could not see outside, but I could feel the movement of the boat." This implies that your "view" of the world (seeing) is not clear, but your "feelings" are guiding you. The "boat" is your mind as the "vessel" that is "carrying" you. You are making progress in your interior journey (you feel "movement.")

You say, "I could hear the people talking about the storm." This is, of course, your mind "talking to itself" about the areas of disturbance-- including its causes. You continue, "However, we got home safely." This is the mind's discovery of stability and peace. It is the mind returning to its "Home," the divine Mind deep within.

You continue, "I was going to pay for my trip, and took a lot of cash in my wallet." The "cash" of the cosmos is time. This sentence is unclear, but it seems to imply that you must "pay" for your spiritual journey by arranging your time. Time that could be used for other pursuits must be used for studying and applying spirituality. Happily, you are "rich," for you have "a lot of cash." So, the dream is saying that you are in no rush to learn spirituality (Love).

You continue, "Someone grab some of the money from my hand." This is the feeling that you are losing time, that it is passing too quickly, or being "taken" from you.

You continue, "I was looking for a big bill to pay the people for the trip...." You are expecting the cultivation of spirituality to take very much time ("big bills"), but real spirituality is accomplished in everyday activities. It does not necessarily take a lot of time to be loving.

You continue with a reference to a "convertible car." A "convertible car" is a reference to your need to adapt or change to meet new situations.

You say, "The baby boy was very dark complected, but his face was very cute." "Darkness" can imply that you simply do not know what this part of personality will "grow into." Or, it can imply something negative. It probably was not negative, however, for you say that he was also "cute." This implies a good and playful relationship with this part of your mind. That is a good sign.

You say, "The house did not look as beautiful as I have seen it before." This implies that, at some time in the past, your self or mind ("house") looked better to you than it does right now.

You refer to "the boys." You seem to be concerned about concealing, or not using, your "interior child" ("the boys") to guide your moves in life. You do not want it to direct your actions, words, or emotions. The interior child should not be used to make decisions, or to regulate emotions or mind, for it is inappropriate for these functions. In fact, it can be used only to cultivate a playful (nonserious) attitude. Then, it serves us positively. So, a mild warning here is given: Be careful not to behave or respond "childishly."

You say, "money has been a problem lately." This means that you have not had the time to do this interior exploration. Perhaps you need to devote more time to spirituality-- or, at least, to understanding and exploring your deeper self.

To make a business prosper, you need to learn all that you can about it, just as you do when you want to succeed in spirituality. Then, you must invest quality-time in it. Always express as much Love and service, in even your business, as possible: Always be honest and honorable, always be kind and friendly. Reach out and help others whenever possible, and the great Mind will multiply your blessings.

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