Monday, January 30, 2006

Letter from David in India

Dear Friends of the Pneumariumfamily, in Ohio and all over the Cosmos,

My name is David Hem Sagar Rasaily. I am from Darjeeling, India. It is my privilege to inform you that The Book, Falling in Love with Yourself has been published as an Indian edition. It is now being distributed free of charge to many in this country.

This book is greatly admired by the people of India. Many people are asking about the author. We are donating a few copies to schools, universities, and libraries. This is to educate the people and increase "Universal Love" within them and teach selflove as well.

We hope that, one day, this book will play a great role in the spiritual re-awakening of India. These teachings are indeed needed in India. And they really match very closely with those of ancient masters and sages. These deep ideas are now, sadly, being minimized, in India as elsewhere. I am always at your service as a brother and an agent of "Love Ministries" and the "Pneumarium Family."

With lots of sneham (cosmic-love)


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