Monday, January 16, 2006

Closed for Christmas, Open for Love


Dearest Friends of the Heart,

A few friends have inquired as to why the Pneumarium discussion group was closed for Christmas. First, just a few words of intro: The Pneumarium family, or discussion group, is a small (five to ten) group of students of spirituality that meets once every two weeks in a room in our garage. It is a very nice and pretty place called the "Pneumarium," which means "place of Spirit."

We meet at eleven am, share a lunch at noon, and close at two. The format is a combination of lecture, q&a, and general, open free discussion. Our topics are widely diverse and varied, but they all have something to do with spirituality. Both attendance at the group, and the meal, are free; no collections are ever taken. And we serve continuous coffee and tea.

Our first session is from eleven to noon, and then, an hour for lunch and talk, and then, our second session goes from one until two. That still leaves most of your Sunday free.

We closed for Christmas. It was Sunday, December 25. The reason is simple: Would it make more sense for us to gather, and discuss the Way of Love, or to get with our families, and actually experience and create Love!

We do not want Love to become a thing of mere words. Love is living activity! And it must never degenerate into a mere idea. So, whenever we get the chance to exercise Love, we are encouraged by the group to actually Love-- not just to talk about Love.

Love is spirituality, and its practice is enlightenment. So, if you have a nephew who is going to graduate on a Pneumarium-day, or a sister needing a visit in the hospital, or a friend who has called you for help, we encourage ou NOT to come to the Pneumarium at that time. For it is much, much more important to exercise Love, to do the activities of Love, than simply to learn about Love. Please don't misunderstand: Learning about Love is a very necessary part of the long interior Journey, and getting together helps us all remain strong. Otherwise, if we never got together, we might become discouraged and inactive. But if a chance to exercise Love comes along, and you say, "Sorry, I cannot do that for you, because I must go to the Pneumarium today," you are learning nothing. And, in fact, you might actually let down your Lovemind, deep in the Unconscious.

So, we love to have all of you come during every gathering! It is always the greatest pleasure to share the wonderful wisdom of the Way together! We all leave "high"! Everyone is fully welcome at every gathering that we have! So, please, come on by! But never allow a gathering to get in the way of an act of compassion, or real Love. For if you do that, you have missed the whole point!

Fyi, the next Pneumariumgathering will be on January 22, 2006, and each of you is welcome, and you are all invited! For more info, please call
me at 513-737-LOVE (5683).



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