Friday, January 06, 2006

The obscene Costs of War


War has an obscenely high price-tag, not only in terms of dollars, but, much more importantly, if measured by priceless human and other lives.
The current war in Iraq might seem to have taken an "insignificant" number of lives, to those without heart or compassion. The over twenty-one hundred girls and boys who went to a premature, often agonizing, grave are regarded by the greedy as "disposable people"-- itself an insane concept! For the truth is that, for God (Love), a single human life is far, far too much to sacrifice on the hideous altar of greed!

Also, if the person murdered in the war were your smiling, vivacious, beautiful daughter or bright, happy, young son, you would feel very differently; then, you would never look away in apathy or complacency, with an easy "so what?" attitude!

Even war-proponents realize that war is very "expensive" in human lives. They also realize the great shame that accompanies stark greed. It is for this reason that they lied about the reason for the war. They, as manifested in their incompetent advocate, bush, justified the war with lies; for they realized, as do most people, that war has such an astronomical human price! That is why the war was presented as a "defensive measure," a lie that failed. Then it was suggested that it was in revenge for the 9-11 horror, but this lie did not last much longer. In short, we have been told everything but the truth!

And why is that? It is because the truth is so awful that no one in her right mind would accept the real reason for this war. That horrific truth is this: The soldiers of the U.S. sent over one hundred thousand women, men, and children to an early grave so that the oil-market would remain secure. It was all, and only, about bucks from the beginning.

Facing this ugly truth can make a sensitive being shudder, even emotionally sick! The cost of war is stratospheric, also, in terms of dollars.

The well-over two hundred thousand million dollars spent to kill those innocent children, women, and men could have well been used in this country to serve compassion. That money could well have supported programs for agriculture, housing, tax-relief, alternative energy, law-enforcement, education, ecological clean-up, and literally a thousand other true needs of our country. Using all that money-- well over five hundred dollars for every woman, man, and child in the country-- could have served many, and enriched life significantly for all of us! But instead, it was flushed down the bloody toilet of savaging human lives! Yes, they were foreigners, but the universe makes no distinctions in terms of sacredness!

The year before bush took power with an illegitimate regime that lost an election, oil cost seventeen dollars a barrel; today, after bumbling, it is up to seventy, and rising. Why is this? It is because the government simply does not care at all if you have to pay three dollars a gallon, or even ten dollars! Why? Because the current government is being run in a fascist pattern. And what is fascism? It is sharing government-power with corporations. Repeatedly, the president and administration have proved, beyond the shadow of any reasonable doubt, that they do not care at all about the average citizen. This gov will gladly abuse citizens, and even allow them to die, as in Katrina, if it promotes or supports corporate sponsors! For it is bought and paid for by huge corporate entities that give it money. In return for these obscene bribes, it supports corporate welfare over the good of the people. It has done so time and time again, supporting and even initiating legislation that favors and supports only the ultrarich and ultragreedy.

Why? Because the pres is one of them. He is himself both ultrarich and ultragreedy. He has never known a single need or deficiency of anything, his whole life. He just cannot relate; he just doesn't get it! He has not a millipsychon of compassion. That is why, after Katrina, he allowed over fourteen hundred "dispensable" people to perish. They were non-entities to him, for they could not support his greed. Indeed, in surveys, only two percent of African Americans supported bush. So, from his perspective-- which is simply "get as much money and power as possible, at all costs"-- these were useless human lives, with zero value.

As Jimmy Carter points out, this is a real spiritual crisis. The problem is that george is an ultraconservative fundamentalist. And why is that a problem? Because people become like the god(s) whom they worship, and fundies worship Jehovah-- a wargod who believes in massacre, laughter, greed, and massive injustice. Interestingly, the Jews are not great supporters of george, but the Christian fundies are his "base." And murder means nothing to them, especially if, as they believe in this case, their god has called bush to murder, murder, and keep murdering!
It is no wonder that bush has lost the respect of the whole world! Despite what used to be regarded as a "high office," he has proved to everyone that he belongs in a comedy of errors, not in the White House. He has shown himself, repeatedly, and in public, to be both a jerk and a loser. His violence and greed leave nothing for the intelligent person to respect.

Our shared philosophy prevents us from hating george as a person. But we are free to hate all his greed, his policies, his violence, his stupidity, his bumbling and comedic incompetence! Since he always seems to be enfolded and enfogged in a cloud, he never really knows what is going on! He gives that notorious "deer in the headlights" expression, and you know, right away, that he is lost, in over his head. (That takes only a tiny puddle.:) So, we do not know for exactly how much he is truly responsible.

But it does not require a spiritual genius to know with certainty that killing over a hundred thousand people is obscene and immoral! Much educational karma awaits this man during the next million years or so, for he must make atonement for all those lives. Perhaps he must come
back as a poor Iraqi or Middle Easterner a hundred thousand times, as a child, innocent man, or woman! Each time, he must die a violent and
painful death in the desert, neglected by the whole world! And why not? The cosmic Mind has forever to accomplish Its will of full education for all!

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