Sunday, January 08, 2006



It seems that we have all had to learn to "let it go," during our lives on earth. Idealism used to be so strong, and wisdom so weak, that attempts would be made actively to forge and continuously repair links with others, even though they did not necessarily want them. This might have to do with libra energy.

But it was soon discovered that no friendship can be maintained unilaterally. And it is not even desirable to try. For if the other is not actively reciprocating, she is no true friend. And perhaps, she never was.

It is important to invest energy, time, thought, and compassion (Lovenergy) in a friendship-- to practice regular repair and maintenance. For friendship is one of the two major manifestations of practical Love (the other being service).

But when another has made it clear that she no longer wants the friendship, it is futile and foolish to hang on for dear life. It is also pathetic. People come into your life "out of nowhere," it often seems. And sometimes, sadly, they often leave your life just as abruptly.

The hopeless and unrealistic idealism used to be that, if a person became a friend, she would always and forever be a friend. Life itself flatly contradicted this illusion.

Friendship, meanwhile, is both fun and holy. So, we owe it to ourselves and to our friends to do all that we reasonably can to maintain and strengthen good friendships. This includes emailing, visits, phone-calls, parties, gatherings, invitations, and other funstuff! So, let us celebrate each and every day our real and true friendships, and fully plunge into them in the "now."

And never forget that the very best friendships can and do last forever, life after life!

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