Thursday, November 17, 2005

You Cannot "Buy" the Priceless


It is a sad and regrettable assessment of "new-age" teachers. They are as dirty and contaminated with ego-greed as are politicians and other criminals. An "easy buck" is a very tempting target, and most go for it! It is obscene for new-age teachers such as Sylvia Brown to charge $700 for a half-hour phone-call; and others charge even more! Some "channelers" are so consumed with greed that they charge over a thousand dollars an hour for private sessions!

Oddly, and paradoxically, some "new-age" teachers teach nongreed and egolessness even while simultaneously stretching out their hands to grab all the money that they can get! Guess that just proves the old adage, "Talk is cheap."

People can say anything, but it is what they actually do that shows their true values-- the values in wich they believe. Jesus said this. "By their fruits, you will know them." Some teachers are rather violently upset when they discover that I do all my work for Love-offerings only. I refuse to "make a profit" on even my books. Counseling, teaching, lectures, seminars, phone-work, and email-work are all supported by Love-donations only. Some feel understandably threatened, and I am not at all liked, or popular, in some circles. Happily, spirituality is not a "popularity contest"!

It is necessary to follow the highest calling, and the best historical examples, in spiritual nonreligious education. And the Buddha, and Jesus, never charged for their work or message!

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