Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Parallel Universes


I do not know anyone so backwards or so foolish as to suggest that anything is possible for any person. For me, the question, "Is anything possible?" was approached from the cosmic view. Not, "Is anything possible fora human being?" but simply, "Is anything possible?"

Here is my own aquarian dream: I believe that the entity called the "Soul" is very enormously complex. Your Soul, for example, contains the entire life of Jack [pseudonym] on this earth. But, I believe, it could also contain the life of Jack 2 on earth 2, in a parallel universe, where that Jack made several different decisions than you did here. And, btw, there is also a Jack 3, Jack 4, Jack 5, ... etc. Perhaps the number of Jacks is infinite, like everything else cosmic. And, when you leave this world, your mind will merge with those of all the other Jacks.

This must be so in order to fulfill the condition, "Everything that can happen must happen." For if not, the cosmos is incomplete, not to mention your fullest and greatest lifeducation. So, in some parallel universe, Jack is a rock singer, and whatever else you dreamed that he could be. That gives total fulfillment. The cosmos was not shabbily or cheaply made. It was dreamed up in enormous complexity and detail, and still is being dreamed up by the great Mind. That Mind has all resources, so why not dream up a cosmos that is complete, not to mention, maximilly entertaining and educational?

But if there are an infinite number of Jacks, it gets even more fascinating. For let us say that you trace out the Jacks to universe number 342586. That "Jack" is the being whom you now know as John Smith! He, in turn, can backtrace all the John Smiths to the same distant number, and that "alternative John Smith" is the guy whom he knows as Jack! In this way, as in others, we could all be "one," in the bigger picture, as the mystics love to say. If you could keep on tracing the Jacks, at some point, one would be a woman. And, if you kept tracing, an "alternative Jack" would become the lady whom you now know as "Mary." Traced for eons, who knows? Your dog, or the tree in your yard, could be yet another "Jack.":)

Mindfrying, isn't it?

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