Sunday, November 06, 2005

Global Warming and Ecological Atrocity


No serious or credible scientist now doubts that greenhouse gases are causing the temperature of the earth gradually to rise. Nor does anyone with half a brain question the fact that industry and corporations are to blame. Still, siding with crackpots, rightwing fanatics, and other uneducated types, the administration has refused to act to legislate limitations on corporations and industries.

This short-sighted perspective is threatening to destroy huge and important parts of the earth and the ecosphere. Is it possible that, for the sake of a few immediate dollars, the administration would be myopic enough to sacrifice the world itself for the sake of immediate profits? Could anyone be that absurd, mad, and greedy?

Yes, all the evidence so far indicates that this is exactly what the administration is willing to do. Hiding behind its scientific ignorance, this is the same administration that has increased the amount of deadly mercury and other deadly toxins in our foods, water, air, and general environment. It is the same administration that is selling off national parks to corporate interests, and sacrificing unspoiled and natural areas everywhere to "development," which means overcrowding, pollution, and ultimate ruination. Sometimes, there are very thin lines between acting for profit, and acting against the earth, nature, and the people. This administration has violated those boundaries consistently.

It seems to lack awareness of pollution. It behaves like an administration from the 1930's, before pollution-laws and -controls were initiated. If there is ever a choice between ecological health and the immediate dollar, this administration will leap for the dollar, and trample any ecological considerations. This is the betrayal of nature. And the government, even with its impressive power, is no worthy opponent to nature; it hasn't a chance if it sets itself against her awesome power, as Katrina proved so overwhelmingly.

Is this administration incurring the very wrath of nature itself? If the earth is a living organism, it is possible. Acting always in favor of large, rich corporations bulldozes over the real needs of the people. It also crushes the cries of other creatures as they are driven towards extinction. The military has joined this corporate welfare perspective, and it is supported by the government as its sonar causes the heads of whales and dolphins to explode! It is time to wake up to the fact that a fascist government that ignores the needs of nature and the people is not the ideal for which so many have lived and died.

And, in the midst of all these ecological atrocities, let us never forget the monolithic and monstrous fact that this administration has murdered 112,000 mostly innocent women and children in a war for oil and greed, and has sacrificed the lives of nearly two thousand of our best girls and boys on its altar of insatiable greed.

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