Sunday, November 20, 2005

Special Love Project


David Hem Sagar has announced that, for the poorest kids in the world, he wants to have a give-away on the streets of his very poor town in Darjeeling, India. He will be giving, not candy, but useful things such as pencils, erasers, paper, and other educational supplies. He will be giving these free to small school-age children.

This is a fine way for us to invest in our planet's future, for it is a real investment in the education of children. True, they are very poor children, but some of the most kind and beautiful examples in history started out as poor children from neglected and despised villages. Jesus comes to mind.

According to a principle which he himself set down, if you do anything, or do not do anything, to "the least" of his brothers, you have done that, or failed to do that, to Him!

Please carefully note the wording of this statement: He did not say, as people often hear, "It is as if you have done it to Him. He actually said, "You have done it to Me."

So, let's work to make our spirituality real and solid by donating to this most worthy cause. Please send all questions and help to our friend David at

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