Saturday, November 12, 2005

Love-policy, Money, and Pneumarium Familygatherings


Please believe us when we say that money is the very least of our concerns! Nonreligious spiritual education is the core of all our activity! But, speaking of money, we are not yet collecting on the funds promised for the radioprogram because we have not yet met our goal to get enough pledges to cover the cost. And we are not going to start collecting until December, at the very earliest.

Re the books, it is our policy to give them away free to honest seekers who do not have the funds. As expensive as they are (and they are), they are at least paid for, so we can give them away if and when necessary.

We will be very happy to "see" you this coming Sunday at the Pneumarium familygathering. If people knew what was at stake, they would put spirituality first in their lives! But we never want to pressure anyone to come to the Pneumarium. Those who do come are ONLY those who really WANT to be there! We do not want to become like a church in this way.:) So, come whenever you want, and do not come when you do not want, or when something "more important" comes up!:)

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