Sunday, November 13, 2005

More on Dreams and Dreamlanguages: Numbers and Colors


It seems that all good people would like to see themselves as having no bad qualities at all. But, especially in dreams, the Unconscious, which does not lie, is always making sure that we are alert to problems even before they appear. So, a negative person in a dream can, at times, signify or represent a potential for a quality that we have not developed
or cultivated. But the quality, even if negative, does lie within the lower nature, even if only in seedform.

To deny any negative qualities in the personality is to claim perfection, and that is not realistic. If the perspective that we do not have flaws, even serious ones, at least in potential, gets out-of-control, it leads to destructive pride. So, humility does not cause us to say, "I am a bad person," or even, "I have bad qualities," but it does make us say, "I know that I have certain weaknesses that, if unchecked, could develop into bad qualities."

The dreaming mind often picks up on the most subtle cues, and It knows when a quality might develop into negativity, even when, or especially when, the conscious mind does not have a clue.

So, we should always take negative people in our dreams very seriously. After we figure out what the person represents, the dream spotlights that quality.

Let us say that I dream of John Smith. The first quality that I associate with John Smith is stubbornness, for he is a very bull-headed person. After the dream, I must continuously monitor my behavior and words consciously (with awareness) to detect any tendencies towards unyielding. I must go out of my way to express openness and plasticity, elasticity, compromise, and even "giving in."

Dreams are telling us to monitor our personalities, including thoughts, words, and behaviors. If we neglect them, we do so at our own spiritual (karmic) peril. We are in danger.

Anger is not always bad; it can be therapeutic to express anger in a way that does not harm anyone. But venting that anger can be karmically dangerous, for it can harm people with intent, and that is neodyskarmogenic (creating new bad karma). One of our goals is to live this life without creating any new bad karma. Many believe that this is impossible. But it is not!

For, to create karma, you must act with intent. Only an action that is intentional, volumtary, and deliberate will create karma;mistakes do not create karma. So, all that we have to do to create an "akarmic," or karma-free life, is to intend always the good. We do not have to live perfect lives!

When evil makes us angry, this can even be good and constructive. For it can trigger us into positive reactions, or good behaviors. Anger can ignite Love in the heart if it is anger towards evil. ("Evil" is anything that deliberately harms living creatures.)

We should all strive to do our part in creating a world of peace, compassion, and Love. This is why even the masters, such as Jesus, became angry! (He angrily drove the hypocrites from the temple.) When we are helpful, life becomes easier for everyone, and so, it is always the intention of the enlightened to be as helpful as possible, to as many people as possible.

This is also the message of many dreams.

Dreams speak in two languages: numbers (oneironumerology) and color (oneirochromatology).

NUMBERS: Here are the meanings of numbers (0-9) in dreams:

0 is the cosmic egg, cosmic potential from which any quality or any thing might come forth from mind. It is the sunyata ("void") of Buddhism and the "uncarved block" of Taoism.

1 is the state of intrinsic Unity with deepest Mind (Lovemind).

2 is the illusion, the source of all other illusions, that anything can exist apart from the One, the Mind. So, it is illusion. This is "dualism."

3 is the realization of Unity after having experienced the pain of illusion, passing through the world of two, or dualism. It is enlightenment, or "earned" Unity.

4 is the cosmos, the four directions, the equilateral cross, the universe. It is also great strength and stability, dependent, reliable, certain.

5 is the human number, the number of the senses.

6 is spiritual transition. It is halfway between the "five" of the sensory and human nature and the "seven" of the heavenly nature.

7 is the higher Mind (soul) or the highest Mind (Spirit). Both are in the Unconscious, and both constitute the Superconscious.

8 is infinity. Or, it is double solidarity and great strength.

9 is a higher octave of wholeness or enlightenment, since it is three threes. It also represents, in atime-sequence, the end of a cycle.

COLORS: The meaning of colors are as follows:

Red-- animal, biological energy. Kinetic or muscular energy.

Orange-- primitive or utilitarian sharing (without Love). Pure biosex.

yellow-- intellectual capacity; mind; learning; assimilation of data.

green-- Love, in its many forms, ranging from selflove to love of pets, animals, kids, relatives, strangers, and world.

blue-- skyblue is communication, from speaking through writing to telepathy.

dark blue-- inner sight, or "insight." Often, the ability to "see" (understand) spiritual energies or ideas.

violet-- spiritual awakening and enlightenment. Knowing the world as it really is, and feeling it.

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