Saturday, November 12, 2005

War and Peace: Your Choice


America has grown ever more hideous in the eyes of the rest of the world.

Due to greed at the top, decent American girls and boys have been turned into monsters, murdering and torturing the innocent! They have seen things that young girls and boys should never have to see! (So, many who return "unwounded" will indeed be the "walking wounded" for the rest of their lives! Their nightmares will not end with the rising of the sun!)

The gov has, through greed, transformed every American into a "fierce, ferocious, merciless, loveless monster"! For this is how we appear in the eyes of Iraqis and many other Middle Easterners. This is directly due to the moronic aggressivity of this war!

We can forgive, and even forget, much of the incompetence and ineptitude of the government, especially when we understand that its policies are influenced by a man who has not mastered the twin arts of thinking and feeling! But this heartless and brainless leader has led us into a war in which shameful violence occurs daily-- often started by American soldiers. It has given the solid, irresistible impression that America does not know the meaning of "peace." So, compared with the rest of the world, we appear not only evil, but stupid!

The war itself is not only an obvious, gigantic lie, built upon several other lies, but has become a ludicrous and ridiculous pursuit. It has made monsters of our children and liars of our politicians, and shows no signs of letting up! It has spilled tons and thousands of gallons of human and animal blood! It has made America the butt of sick jokes and mockery around the world! The noble country which once stood as a "light upon a hill," a beacon of peace, fairness, goodness, and compassion is now seen as, and has partly become, a psychotic bully with a machine-gun!

As of this writing [on 111105], we have not had the common sense to stop this madness! Nor have we had the courage, nor the compassion, to grind it to a halt! For this negligence, every day, we must pay in blood, as more young girls and boys give their blood-- sometimes, all of it-- for greedy leaders and corporations. Decency, even sanity, has fled from our political process! Will they next die in our society? Then, will they, at last, die in our hearts?

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