Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The World as Dream


It is impossible for a "world" to exist without Mind. If there is no one to sense the existence of a thing, then, it does not exist. Quantum physics implies that, if all minds suddenly disappeared, so would the cosmos. By contrast, if the cosmos disappeared, Mind would still remain. This means that Mind is "superordinate" to matter-- more important than "stuff." Spiritual luminaries have always taught this.

Even things that appear to be "dead" and "outside of Mind" are actually a part of the great dream of Mind. For all the "material, physical, and external" cosmos is only this dream, called by Hindu mystics the "dream of God."

Mystics have said, "The cosmos is light." "Light" was the ancient word for "energy," and now physics has shown that everything is made of atoms, and atoms are only energy. There is nothing "solid" within an atom. Instead, it is made up of packets (quanta) of energy, whirling and zinging around each other at nearly light-speed!

So, there is nothing "solid" anywhere in the cosmos. Your computer is as much pure energy as a star! The world of trees, cars, buildings, rooms, furniture, computers, etc. is actually energy. Why, though, is not the cosmos just a blur of nebulous light, a pool of amorphous (formless) force?

Because the light (energy) is held together as "forms" by that mysterious force called "Mind." (This is all done at deeply Unconscious levels.) We have always had a word for energy held together by mind. That word is "dream."

Things only appear to be "solid" because the Mind dreams them up that way. The apparent "solidarity" is as much an illusion as the apparent solidarity of objects in nightdreams. So, the world is not "physical," "material," or "external." It is all and always happening within your mind.

Quantum physicists of the most recent schools are now saying what mystics have always said: The idea that matter can exist without Mind, independent of an observer, is absurd and ludicrous.

No "external"world exists. For all of our experiences are internal or interior. We simply infer the existence of an external world through the events within our minds. Again, the world "exists" in the same way that a dreamworld exists in our nightdreams. The "world" is nothing but a Mind-function. It is dreamed up by a hugely, immensely creative Mind deep within the Unconscious-- so deep that It is collective (shared by all minds). So, mystically, "cosmos" and "Mind" are simply different words for the same thing. Reality is Mind, and so mystics call the interior Dreamer "Reality."

Some schools say that, with enlightenment, the world "disappears," or is "destroyed." This does not imply that the cosmos is consumed in apocalyptic fire, but that its "reality" is seen as the result of the deeper Reality called "Mind." So, the world is not actively demolished, but fades gently into "illusion." Seeing the world as dream only, the mystic is no longer dominated by it. For the dreamer is always greater than the dream; and so, the mystic, being an incarnation of the Dreamer, is greater than the world. Like Jesus, she "conquers" the world.

That the world is a dream does not mean that it is your personal dream. It is collective, shared by all. That is why, by a simple act of will, you cannot change the world. It is held together by very firm and stable laws, operating at a very deep level of the collective Unconscious. So, world-negation, or realization of the unreality of the world, does not make it disappear. It simply changes your relationship with it. It frees you from greed, obsession with the senses, envy, and existential anxiety. For the world is created out of, and by, Love alone.

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