Thursday, October 13, 2005

God and Katrina


God had nothing to do with Katrina. In fact, God did not even "show up" until well after the hurricane! Remember, God is Love, and hurricanes are not caused or permitted by Love. God came to the rescue of the thousands of homeless people and pets. God came in the form, not of destructive winds and rain (those were only nature), but in the form of medicines, medical helpers, food-suppliers, rescuers in boats and helicopters, and millions of sincere Love-dollars pouring in from every part of the world. If our gov had not turned its back on God because the leaders were "too busy" on vacation, the Lord of Love would have rushed to help even sooner!

God's behavior is not affected by human actions, except when they block or refuse Love, or when they facilitate Love. It is absolute blasphemy of the most hellish kind even to hint that God sent Katrina to "punish" our country for setting up policies that support the finest standard of division of church and state. God supports freedom. This idea of a cruel and childish "god" is itself cruel and childish. It is toddleresque.

God is not a supersensitive and vindictive nut, who is so stupid as to murder thousands for what thousands of others have done. Just think this through for a moment: Were the victims of Katrina the ones who banned prayer from school? Is God "harmed" by banning prayer, or are not the people made the poorer? (Prayer must, in the final analysis, be private anyway; this is just a false "core-value" for people who like to argue, and then, argue that they are "defending" their pathetic little god.)

Those who would guilt us into their religion are acting antiagapically, against God. Those who would force their religions down others' throats are no better than historical Muslims or "Christians" who baptized people with swords at their necks. Religion has always been a personal and private matter of the heart. This attempt to make people conform in public is just a pseudo-issue created by people who need to get real lives. If you have God in your heart, it does not matter whether the Ten Commandments are posted in public, or whether the phrase "under God" is included in the Pledge. (Btw, the Ten Commandments is not a "Christian document," as certain ignorant preachers have declared. It is thoroughly pre-Christian, and is Jewish.) If you trust in God, you should not care whether coins say, "In God we trust," for concern for such minor non-issues betrays our lack of trust in God.

The God of the cosmos is not at all affected by the policies of a nation on a planet one one-hundredth the size of a grain of sand! God's behavior cannot be changed to that of a monster or psychotic no matter what we do. God is not like the tiny Jehovah of the primitives, whose behaviors could be affected, or even manipulated, by tiny human beings, and who got very upset (he was jealous and very insecure) when people neglected him. This god, says the legend, followed the tiny nation of Israel around like a desperate puppy, terrified that they would worship "gods" made of wood!

Let us lift ourselves above these frays, and above this microdeity. Let's forget about bickering over religion, and let's return God to the heart, where God belongs, and abandon the divisions and disagreements about monuments, money, and policies, about which God cares nothing. Does God want young people to be spiritually educated? You bet that God does! But school, and public buildings, are not the right place for that. The home is the right place.

Has our "godless" society gone mad because of its wayward ways? Our society is mad because of its antihuman (and thus, antidivine) policies and actions. It is murder and greed and war that make a society mad. This is the true abandonment of God. Even the ungodly nazis had stamped on their beltbuckles the motto, "Gott mit uns," which means, "God with us." It does not matter what the slogans of a country are. It does not matter if its leaders wear a "Christian" mask in public. (Hitler was technically a "Christian.") Look at the bloodshed and horrors of "Christian" countries throughout the ages! What matters is that its citizens know that God is Love, and anything against Love is rejected.

Policies of ignorant nations based on the blood of innocents, and murdering people for oil-- these are the atrocities that demonstrate that a country has rejected God!

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