Tuesday, October 18, 2005

The October Love-Sale

We are delighted to report on the successful completion of the October Love-sale. This sale serves Love in several ways: It helps people rid their lives of excess and simplify their lives. It gives a chance for people to be generous, giving,and compassionate towards poorer people. It allows poorer people to obtain things at one-tenth to one-fourth their regular value. It recycles elements that no longer need be "dumped" on Mother Earth. It creates funds for our shared mission and "ministry" (service).

Recently, we placed an ad in the Whole Living Journal, and this sale nearly covered the cost of that ad. We are, specifically, offering our services in the preparation of birth-charts to help people with life-guidance and life-design.

Thanks to all our friends, buds, and pals for the spectacular success of this sale! We are very pleased that we were able to serve Love in this special way. Special thanks to Pat Fields for all her many and fine donations, for the support of the Project, and for watching the tables all day. And special thanks too, to Diann Proffitt and Adamaria Francis, whose packing, unpacking, pricing, and watching the tables made the Project fun and productive! And thanks to Margie Troutwein, whose help was also greatly appreciated! To you all, may blessings return upon your lives, abundantly and with shining, sterling beauty and value!

Love to All,

The Love Education Team

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