Sunday, October 23, 2005

Beginning Spirituality and Healing


To begin your Journey towards (back to) our cosmic Mother and Father, God, recommended is that you start by reading Falling in Love with Yourself. This is a semipoetic and "soft" introduction to mysticism, the Way of Love. Or, if you prefer a more databased intro, please begin reading Journey to the Center of the Soul. If you do not have one or both of these books, please remember to pick them up at the next Pneumarium (October 30). Right now, one of the best "gifts" that you can give yourself, as an aid to your spiritual growth, is regularly to attend the Pneumarium gatherings.

As you read, jot down any questions, and then, forward them via email. This is a good way to begin the path. Also, please feel free to call me at any time. (The number is 513-737-LOVE, or 5683).

A great way to begin to organize your interior life is by starting a personal dreamdictionary. Please get a notebook, and use the front part for your dreamlog or record. Use the back part for your dreamdictionary. Begin by listing the elements-components of your dreams, in alphabetical order. This would also include the names of family and friends who appear in your dreams.

You are already a healer. Love is reaching from within you towards others. Each thought of Love, every time that you send Love or good wishes towards others, this is a healing-prayer. Love is always healing, and so, the true healer must love, and love more. There are no "secret techniques." Love is the Way to effective healing.

You can start with a simple exercise, however, if you want to train yourself. Place your right hand (which sends energy) on [your son's] hand, and "allow" blue light to flow from your heartmind to his injury. Try not to do anything. Do not strenuously visualize, or talk to yourself. Just let the blue light happen. Do not try to "create" it. Just let your mind get completely clear and still as in meditation.

Become thoughtfree. Focus on Love only; if you try to visualize, you will interrupt the clear Flow. Let God (Love) pass through you, and try not to interfere through thinking. Healing-"power" is not in the healer, but in the person being healed. As healers, we must simply help them unlock their interior connection with Love, which powerfully heals them.

Just saying a simple word of kindness can be healing. The exercise of Love is always a healing act, and there is no such thing as a "small" act of Love.

Kids are a bit easier. Everytime that you help a kid to laugh, you are aiding in the unlocking of the interior Power. Also, reassure the child that she has the great and amazing Power within her, and that laughing is healing. Then, encourage as much fun and laughter as possible! This is true healing, and Love will do the rest.

Re business and spirituality: Always insist on total honesty and nongreed. This is to "spiritualize" business. Let everyone know that you are going to operate by these two principles, and that you will never compromise on this issue of goodness. Use any extra funds to help the poor directly. It is better to give directly to the poor rather than to charities, because organized charities and religions use so many of the funds for "administration" that the poor never see, or receive, this money.

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