Sunday, October 23, 2005

Political Actions of the Day

Join the ACLU Action Network

We Are Winning In Court: Now Urge Lawmakers to Push for Patriot Reform
Stop Religious Discrimination in Head Start!
Tell Congress to Stop Using the Hurricane Katrina Tragedy to Push Through a National School Voucher Program
Tell Your Member of Congress to Stop Torture

Join the ACLU Action Network

Take the Pledge

Use your power. As the time draws closer to select candidates for the next United States Congress, pledge the following:

I pledge to only support candidates who:
  • Acknowledge that the U.S. was misled into the war in Iraq
  • Advocate for a responsible exit plan with a timeline
  • Support our troops at home and abroad
As we sign the pledge, our names will appear on the Democracy for America pledge map. Let's fill it from coast to coast -- so that candidates and the media can't help but see it.

Take the Pledge

Demand a success strategy for Iraq

It's time to develop a strategy that can succeed in Iraq, defuse the terrorist insurgency, and bring our brave men and women home. That will only happen if you immediately bring credibility, accountability, and responsibility to a war that has been lacking in all three.

***Credibility: It's time for you to stop using sound bytes like "Mission Accomplished" and be truthful with the American people.

***Accountability: We need to hear from your Administration exactly how many Iraqi forces are needed; how to meet that goal; and by when.

***Responsibility: We must honor our soldiers not just on the 4th of July, but every day -- by giving them the equipment they need while they are deployed and the health care they deserve when they come home.

I urge you to tell the truth to the American people, articulate a clear timeline of our plans for Iraq, and take responsibility for our men

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