Sunday, October 16, 2005

High Spirits Update

Dear Friends of the Heart and Spirit,


Welcome to Ed and Nancy Theuring as supporters of the Friendship Support Project. They have opted for two slots (ten dollars per week). As educators, they already give much to our poor little world, helping to enrich many lives, and this is yet one more way of giving. This is the most important education of all-- spiritual!

We now have the equivalent of twenty people signed up to donate to the success of the "High Sppirits" radioprogram. We have received commitments from the following dear and special spiritual friends:

Ramona Abella
Maribee Butler
Pat Fields
Christine Finer
Adamaria and Richard Francis
Sandra Grubb
Cinda Miller
Diann Proffitt
Teresa Ramsey
Karleen Sell
Karen Shaw
Barbara and Dale Siler
Terry Smith
Michael Shapiro
Ed and Nancy Theuring

Special thanks to you all for having joined us in our attempt to change the world. Welcome to the Love Education Team! This, my friends, is a most excellent and superb beginning! With twenty down, there are fewer than twenty more to go! This is said because Thomas Windlow and Victor Paruda have signed up to become sponsors at $10/week each. We ar well over halfway there! We need only $80 more to reach our final goal! So, if you know of anyone who might want to join this fine and noble cause, please forward her/his email address to us. Or send her/him this link.

Please keep passing along the good word, and publicizing our attempt, and need, to change the world! Also, if you know of anyone who has a service, product, or message that needs publicity, please also turn her/him on to our great and worthy cause. Invite everyone to become a member of the Love Education Team!

Peace, Joy, and Love,


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