Monday, October 03, 2005

Incompetence Rules by Greed

Incompetence Rules through Greed

George Bush is a study in studied and prepared incompetence. If he had planned, with his cronies, to harm the United States in the maximum way possible, he could have done no worse. Is he secretly being paid off by some terrorists, or by some government hostile to U.S. interests? He is a man who can be bought; he has proved this, over and over and over again, in a sickening rerun of total servitude to corporate interests. The man touts "values," and he does have one, and only one, very strong one-- bucks.

If his power or wealth are at stake or in trouble, he does not hesitate for a moment to kill human beings. No reasonable person, in the face of mountains of evidence, can claim that humanlife is more precious to him than the power-money game. He fits the psychological description of the megalomaniac, for whom there can never be "enough" power or wealth. His entire personality has been consumed by a pathological greed. This is corrosive to the positions and policies of the U.S. in the world, and offers a big fat zero to the common person or citizen of the U.S.

So, we have here a very serious question: If enough personal power and money were at stake, or were offered, would Bush act dynamically and directly against the best interests of this country? Many astute analysts are forced, in the light of previous behaviors, to answer in the affirmative.

Indeed, he has already done so, several times. So, the inquiry is not merely theoretical. In supporting his single value, he has reversed many environmental laws, for example. These were not the creation of loopie leftists, but the result of multiple scientific analyses, over years. But thanks to his scientific illiteracy, and his greed, our water, air, and land are now more polluted than ever, and getting worse. Would he sacrifice the health and lives of our children and grandchildren? Again, the evidence is incontrovertible: If his personal power or fortune were at stake, he would kill our children, and millions of the "sacred unborn." For he has already enacted and initiated policies that will do exactly that.

Several times, he has placed his personal wealth above the good of the country, and certainly, indubitably places it above the needs of the common citizen. We can learn, if we are listening, from Katrina. His activities against nature are an atrocity; and nature has her own ways of rebelling. By stating that he is her "enemy," he has taken on a foe that is literally unbeatable.
So, if the American public remains too greedy and too stupid to replace
him with a sentient, aware, or conscious being, perhaps nature herself
will spell his overdue undoing.

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