Saturday, February 24, 2007

Warezov Mass Mailing Worm


Dangerous New Virus!
New BAD Virus: Watch Out for the Zipfile
Dear Friends of the Heart,

Please pass this on to others. Brian checked it out with Snopes and it's real, so beware. For those who aren't aware, If you ever want to check something out in terms of its authenticity, see the website below for snopes. I have unfortunately passed things on (sorry, sorry) that were inauthentic.


Ok, I Checked this one and it is for be careful guys. Chances are, if you have a current "anti-virus program" running, you're in good shape, but better informed than sorry.

Warn ASAP everyone you know not to open an e-mail with "Mail Server Report" in the subject line. This one is real!

This is a Bad Virus. Please don't open! Delete the e-mail.

This one checks out
and is a bona fide virus; hence, the warning. Any email with "Mail Server Report" in the subject line is a new virus. It comes with an attachment in 'zip format'. Apparently, there is a Zip file attached; so, be very leery of anything with a zip file on it. The message tells you that a worm was detected in an e-mail that you sent out and asks you to open and install the attachment to fix the Problem. DO NOT DO IT!

Thanks to Teresa Ramsey.

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