Saturday, February 03, 2007

Judgment and Discrimination


"Judgment"is a subject of great confusion. Most people seem to have absolutely no idea what they are talking about with this subject.

In order not to "judge," we must never evaluate that a being has no good at all within her. Judgment has to do with final destiny, as well as with the contents of the soulmind. If a person says, "You are going to hell forever," that is judgment, and it directly violates the command, "Judge not," in Matthew 7:1.

But if a person says, "I think that this cult is wrong," or if a person says, "I do not like the behaviors of the neonazis," these statements are not judgment. Even if a person says, "That action (or belief) is terrible," that is not judgment.

These are examples of discernment and discrimination. To discern the differences between good and evil, positive and negative, helpful and harmful, are not judgments, but discriminations.

To disapprove of any person's action, any belief, or any group, because they are negative, does not constitute judgment. This "common sense" approach is the correct, valid, and healthy use of discernment. As human beings,if we abandon all discernment and discrimination because we fear that they are "judgment," we prove that we are lost in confusion.

Some very "superior" types refuse to evaluate anything at all. They refuse to call even the vast evil of Hitler, for example, "evil." They think, and often boast, that they are "above judgment." But they have fallen into a trap. It is created and supported by their ignorance. In utter darkness, they are convinced that they are "more spiritual" than others.

Actually, they are less so, for they are less enlightened, and still in pride and ignorance. (These two often come together as a set.) They abandon all common sense. In deserting discernment and discrimination, they leave behind two very valuable tools. These tools are highly recommended by the mysticsaints and mysticsages of all traditions and times. For without being able to discern, and discriminate, good from evil, we are left without guidance in this dualistic illusion-world.

We need crystal-clear guidelines of good and evil to guide us. We must recognize that such things as war, child-abuse, murder, lying, abuse, etc. are evil. If we take a "ho-hum" attitude and yawn, we are not following the masters, but falling into darkness.

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