Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Spiritual Uses of Time


"Bad" karma occurs when you voluntarily, intentionally, deliberately cause pain or discomfort for another person. Then, the pain must return upon you.

Love prevents our "sowing the seeds" of bad karma. Good karma is, of course, the opposite: It is joy and peace that arise from creating these conditions for other people: Exactly what you do will come back upon you. If, for example, as a nurse, you help others to be more comfortable, and to heal better, this is the seed of good karma.

In the Homeworld, people are very sexually active. For this is one of the greatest biological pleasures. But, as explained in the book, there is no reproduction. A person can have the experience of having children, if that is her idea of a "good time." (Usually, it is not.) But she can do this only in a place in the Homeworld called the Theater, in virtual reality, which is just as psychologically "real" as true experience. But it is not, in fact, real in the world.

Staying up late to study might not be your best bet, as it can have deleterious (negative) effects on the body. Your best idea is to create a schedule in which each hour of the twenty-four is assigned a task on paper.

You must give quality time and attention to [your infant son]. This cannot and must not be ignored, as it is your major cosmic and spiritual assignment. (This is why having another child is not a good idea right now.) But make sure that you do not "waste" time with tv, music, phone, and other serious distractions. You can often use an hour for only one thing, and cannot do two things at once. Make sure that you create time for your infant son, study, and rest.

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