Saturday, February 24, 2007

Our Light-bodies After Death


We know that Jesus was resurrected from the dead. One of the major reasons that he came to earth was to share the important message, "I'm going to die, and then, come back to demonstrate that death is not the end."

And he did exactly that. Ever since, followers have squabbled and bickered about exactly how he did this. There is more than one possibility.

At some point, postresurrection, he did appear in a "material" body. Does this mean that his "physical" body was resurrected? It is possible. But it is also possible (more likely, in the view of most) that he materialized a body that was an exact duplicate of his earth-body. Why would he do this? To show his friends and his disciples that it was truly he. But the the fact that he could create an illusion of a physical body, or recreate a physical form, does not imply that he continued to live in it, or was "stuck" with it for eternity. "For, when he finished using it, he could as well have simply dropped it, dematerializing it.

When we die, we are immediately found inside a "light-body." In most cases, since we are finished with the physical body, it is no more. This is especially true if the physical body has been severely wounded, torn apart, or blown up, for example.

At the moment of his death, Jesus also received a light-body. A light-body does not have the same appearance as the physical body. This is indicated by the fact that his best friend Mary saw him postresurrection, and thought him to be the gardener. Later, on the Road to Emmaeus, two disciples saw him and, at first, did not recognize him.

But, being in the afterlife plane, he could manipulate matter in several extraordinary ways, including the ability to materialize bodies of apparent flesh and blood. These could be thought of as temporary bodies, used for the specific purpose of proving that it was he.

Why, otherwise, would he need even to keep a physical body? When we unwrap a gift, or tool, or food, we throw away the wrapper. When clothing gets old enough, we dispose of it. When we are completely finished with a body, we also toss it. Some people even choose to burn the physical body (cremation) out of respect for Mother Earth.

The beautiful mystical classic called the Bhagavad-Gita says that death is exactly like changing from one garment into another. Our "new garment" is the "light-body" that appears after resurrection. A "physical body" would not only get in the way, in the afterlife world of Light, but would be quite useless.

A physical body is created from genetic material to be used in this world. It is, in every way, an "animal" body. It suffers from a wide spectrum of viral or bacterial vulnerabilities, digestion and metabolic challenges, and even structural imperfections. But the light-body given by the Lord of Love is perfect in every way. Since it is light, it does not have to process foods in the "animal way." (It can turn sunlight and starlight directly into energy for the body, for instance.

It is not weakened by limited muscles, or by chemical reactions such as stomach acid. It contains all the pleasures and senses of the physical senses, but amplified a hundredfold. But it has no biological digestive tract, as it processes light-energy directly. In the Homeworld, the afterlife state, they have thousands of the most perfect foods-- great, bright, lovely and delicious fruits, vegetables, and grains. But these are what they call "photofoods." Although exquisitely delicious, they
have no material/molecular structure,but are transformed into pure light at the moment that they are eaten. For the light-body has no digestive tract.

There is no use, anywhere in the universe, for any physical body except on physical worlds such as earth. There are billions of these worlds throughout the galaxies. But, in the Homeworld, there are also billions of worlds that do not support any "physical" bodies, for it is a cosmos of pure energy or light.

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