Thursday, February 08, 2007

Sharing the Message of Love


Obviously, everyone is not ready to hear the mystic's position regarding life and the cosmos. The best way to present the Way to a person who is closed down, as so many "Christians" are, to new ideas is simply, over and over, to emphasize Love.

In the continuous and relentless emphasis on Love, you will be "on the same page" as Jesus, although some "Christians" might disagree.

We must keep always in mind that we are not assigned any life but our own. Another person's heartmind is not within the scope of our mission or assignment. We must cultivate a Love for others, but to change them is up to God; that is His mission, not ours.

But because we do love them, we would like nothing better than to have them taste of the wonderful, limitless Love of the Father. But we must let go and let God. We must never try to change another's point of view. Mystics are not proseletyzers; we do not make "converts"to the Way. But we do want to "be there" for anyone who is ready to change, to support and help to educate others. For this is the work of Love.

So, talk of Love. Speak always of God as Love, and of Love as truth. In time, with the help of the Holy Spirit, this great and delightful message can penetrate even the thickest skull, the most closed mind. By grace, and given time, this message can finally "sink into" any heartmind.

But we can, most importantly, "teach without speaking." We can make our lives models of tolerance, compassion, patience, and other virtues. Exercising humility, we can refuse to bring attention to ourselves. We can make our lives a living message. And this is, in the end, far more important than anything that we can say.

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