Saturday, February 24, 2007

Turning Away from Human Leaders


We do not follow any human teacher, and, quite frankly, do not always know what they teach. The enlightened being follows the Master of Love in her heart, and often, does not even "keep up" with human teachers. What they teach is often irrelevant to one's spiritual path. Besides, since we have Jesus and many other mastersages and mysticsaints to whom we can "listen," human teachers are somewhat pathetic by comparison.

Each being is supposed to become a spiritual adult, capable of following Jesus and/or the Christ personally to the best of her personal ability. We were never created to follow human leaders. (Many of them are so consumed with ego that they have lost their own way, and so, cannot lead or guide others.) Others worship fame or money. They are, very often, very poor examples indeed.

The enlightened does not have any admiration for self-styled human teachers, and rejects the tendency of the ignorant crowd to polish egos, or to give them praise, admiration, or accolade. But she does not necessarily see human leaders as "evil." (Some have good motives.) But to focus on them is to remove your eyes from the prize, and from Jesus as model. When it comes to choosing between them and Jesus as model, there is no contest! It is a real no-brainer!

Mystics do not have human-led organizations. We do not have organized religion, or an organized church. We have no doctrines or dogma by which our spirituality is evaluated. So, we have no recognized or acknowledged human leaders. An enlightened being can choose either to accept or reject the teachings of any human teacher; for he/she is no more a "spiritual authority" than is one's own mind. In fact, we accept our own minds/soul/Spirit as a more reliable guide than any external human leader.

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