Saturday, February 03, 2007

Escalation: It's Not His Decision

Just who is President Bush listening to?

It's not his generals on the front line -- leaders like former Central Command head John Abizaid, who said he does "not believe that more American troops right now is the solution to the problem."

It's not independent experts like the bipartisan Baker-Hamilton Iraq Study Group, which concluded that "the United States must not make an open-ended commitment to keep large numbers of American troops deployed in Iraq."

According to Vice President Cheney last Sunday, it won't be Congress -- because the United States "cannot run a war by committee."

But there's one group determined to make their voices heard: Americans like us. So far, more than 80,000 citizens have signed Senator Kennedy's petition, demanding that the people's representatives in Congress vote on the Administration's plan to escalate the war in Iraq.

Listen to the families of soldiers in Iraq, who already signed the petition:

"My son is stationed in Al Taji Iraq. I have a lot at stake. My son's life. We do not have to come out of this losers. We have won this war and the battle. Bring them home now." -- Tim from Minneapolis, MN

"I do not support an escalation of troops in Iraq! Please do not send another soldier to risk his/her life for the civil war of Iraq! My son is a servicemember and I do not support him giving his life for a war that has no military resolution!!!!"
-- Mary from Santa Cruz, CA

"My son spent over a year in Iraq and I know the terror our servicemen and women's families are living with every day. Hearing there are casualties and wondering if it is my loved one and then the feeling of relief when you get a call or e-mail from them, followed by guilt because you know some other mother is getting the news her son or daughter is dead or injured. This war has and is destroying so many lives it must be stopped now." -- Jane from Estero, FL

"President Bush, with all due respect, a role of the Commander-in-Chief is to fight battles to protect his country. The battles must have a concrete mission, and exit strategy. Even my son, serving in the Marines/SOCOM agrees the war has no defined purpose. He's confused about fighting for his country and being an occupier of a nation that doesn't want him there." -- Larry from Englewood, CO

Click here to read more stories, then join me in signing Senator Kennedy's petition:

The nonbinding resolutions proposed by some Senators aren't enough. We need real action -- binding legislation -- that forces this President to present his plan to Congress for approval, before any escalation has taken place.

Thank you!

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